I have been rather fed up with my hair these last few months, constantly complaining that I needed an update, but somehow never found the time to actually go and get it cut. It has been in my favor that the new style is long dark roots, which only enabled my hair procrastination. Or maybe it was just that I hadn’t found that picture of what I wanted to do.

Yesterday I decided that I had had enough. (Coincidentally I found the images of Karlie Kloss cutting her hair).  It was finally time to let a spanish hair dresser touch my precious locks.  I combed through the neighborhood and found many good options, yet, there was something about one shop that sparked my interest. I was talking with my roommate Daniela about my plan and she offered to come with for moral support and so that afternoon we were off.

I was a little nervous, especially because there was not the normal hair consultation where they talk about what they think would look best, ecetera, ecetera. Instead she went straight to washing, and then we talked about what I wanted – shoulder length hair with tons of movement. All I kept thinking was I have wild hair, please know that it has a mind of its own. While sitting in the chair I got extremely nervous as I saw about half of my head of hair fall to the floor. I had told her that my face does not do all that well with short hair, but was afraid maybe I had said it wrong. Daniela was quietly watching and kept giving me smiles, she said it looked good from the back. And so I trusted. I think I was in a state of shock when she finished. I still sometimes look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back. That is not to say I do not like it, it is just extremely different. Also I hate when people flip my hair out like Judy Jetson so that didn’t add to the initial love of the hair cut. I do not have my own photo, but Daniela took one to document the occasion so I will put them up when I get them.

Today after washing it and getting to style it the way I want, I will say that I am a huge fan. Not only is it simple with tons of movement, but it fully updates my look. Here is a photo to let you see the new Kate:

Imageps. This just towel drying after practice, I even forgot to brush it!

This photo is taken compliments of Daniela to help document the full hair transformation!

This photo was taken, compliments of Daniela, to document the total hair transformation!


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