Upgrade: The New Abode


I have officially left the “jail cell” and moved into a spacious room that will be my home for the next year and a half. The move itself was difficult in the sense that I had to lug all of my things through the metro to the new house. Sentimentally, it was actually not that difficult because all of my old roommates are moving or have moved back home. It was the perfect time to move because as such we all shared this chapter in Madrid together.

Instead of living in the center of town, I live off to one side of the major park, Retiro. It has a much more residential feel than the center where there are more families walking around than tourists with nikons around their necks. No longer do I have to fight massive crowds to get home after a long practice, which is such a relief.

Before I describe my personal room, I think it is apt to describe the building as a whole. I am the first apartment building off the main street. From the outside it appears like any other apartment building; however, inside the attention to detail creates a sumptuous whole.  The banisters are ornately carved out of dark wood. Each door has golden doorknobs. To me it speaks of past money, not that it is now dilapidated, in fact, it is very well maintained. Rather I mean that someone or some families had money that they invested into the building and all those little details have been maintained.  Fortunately, there is an elevator which made lugging my heavy suitcases so much easier since we live on the third floor. (Here floor 3 really means floor 4 because they start at 0)

This flat has four individual bedrooms, along with a communal salon, bathroom and kitchen. Right now there are only two of here, Javi and I, but a girl from Mexico is arriving sometime today. I am finally getting the full immersion experience that I was hoping for as both of my roommates are native spanish speakers.

My room is the last one along the hallway across from the bathroom. It has a large window out onto the street giving me natural light and access to life outside our flat. I now can know the weather by looking out my window! The entire long wall is a built in closet, every girl’s dream. It is a rich cream with gold details. The rest of the walls are a baby blue, not necessarily my favorite color, but in many ways they make a very light open space, making a large room feel larger. I have finally joined the world of adults returning to a double bed after a six year hiatus. Comically, I still sleep curled up against the wall, but it’s more about the concept of having the space than necessarily using it.

Yesterday Carlota, Amina, and I made a trip to Ikea to get all of the fixings for my room. I have decided to make this room my own.  Ikea is one of those stores that even when you think you have everything you find something you must have. Fortunately, I have stuck to essentials like sheets and blankets, but still it is a very dangerous store. Last night we got to put all of the goodies in my room and it actually starting to look like my own. I am missing a few things that I would like to complete the room, but figure I can make another trip at a later date when I have fully figured out all of the things that I am missing. Later tonight I will take photos and upload them.

Carlota, Me, and Amina on the Metro coming home from IKEA

Carlota, Me, and Amina on the Metro coming home from IKEA

I have only been in the room for four days, but I have started to get my bearings of the neighborhood.  I have tried all of the fruit and vegetable stands and have found a couple restaurants that I want to try. While checking out the different grocery stores, today I walked into one that brought back a wave of nostalgia. I cannot exactly place my finger on what it was, the smell, way the items were displayed, ect, but it strongly reminded me of our family trip to the south of Spain when I bought Andrew a Beckham calendar. I thought I was being a kind sister getting him a soccer calendar, little did I know that it was better suited for a 16 year old girl to say the least. Oops. Unfortunately they don’t still have Beckham calendars or you know I would have bought one.

This is the start of a new adventure and I am excited to have a place of my own to come home to!


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