Stefan flies the coop


Peter Pan tells us “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting”. However, I do not think I fully agree with this statement. Tonight Stefan, my partner in crime, boards a plane to go back to Rotterdam. He is physically leaving Madrid, but that doesn’t mean he will be forgotten by any means. If you have read any of the previous posts then you know what an important role he has played these past few months. 

We celebrated his last couple of days here in good fashion. We made one last cake, an Arschlochkuchen (technically a nutella marble cake) and hung out in our spacious kitchen. Last night we threw a piso party and today we visited the park, Retiro before having one last trip to Día for a frozen pizza. So many things that are insignificant; yet, have been such an integral part of our last four months. I am sure he is more than ready to leave our dilapidated flat (I know that I am), but I know that we will all miss his presence in Madrid. I especially will miss having someone to go on my “crazy” adventures with me. Thank you Stefan for a great start to my stay in Madrid and welcome back to Rotterdam!! 


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