The Three Magi Parade!


Today is the day when the Three Magi, Gaspar, Melchoir, and Balthasar, visited the Christ child in the manger. Following the light of the star they brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Following this tradition in Spain, their gifts are brought today. As one of my classmates well wrote “instead of papa noel (santa claus) tonight we dream of the gifts being brought to us by the kings”. In honor of this holiday there is a parade that runs through Madrid. My teammate Tibo and his girlfriend Morgane invited me to a party to watch the parade at his office. The Natixis building sits right on the plaza de Cibeles, which is the end of the parade and has a terrace overlooking the plaza on its 7th floor.  This meant we got a privileged view of the parade that included geese, sheep, camels and even two elephants. Here are some photos to bring to parade to life:


View of Cibeles walking from Sol


Town Hall and a telecommunications building, center stage for the end of the parade


Corner of Cibeles


View of the same building and stage from the Natixis terrace


View of the street for before the parade got started


The flag dancers!


El Corte Ingles Float


The Geese!


Spongebob and Dora Float! (They are both children’s favorites here)


Snow white float!




Star guiding the Magi


The first of the Kings to arrive!


Second King!


Last but not least! Now all the King’s have arrived!


Everyone taking to the streets and following behind the last King!


All such festivities would not be complete without food! We all shared some of the rosca, a round cake with candied fruits on top. Inside there is a small christ child and whomever gets it, story goes, has good luck for the year. On the first cut into the cake Morgane found the Christ Child, lucky lucky girl.


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