House Hunting: Spanish Style


At the end of this month I will be moving to a more permanent piso. Although I have loved making all of my international friends at the erasmus flat, I want to live with spaniards and closer to the pool, where coincidentally I spend most of my time. Due to slight variations in my contract I was not sure when I would move, the end of January or February, which allowed me to spend the last month lazily looking on but not actually doing anything to help me move. All changed when I got a response that I only have the flat until the end of January. (As a side note, this is actually much better for me and what I was hoping for since my semester ends halfway through the month and most of my roommates will have left by then, so it seems like the perfect time to start afresh). You can use websites such as idealista to look for a flat, but from what I have learned through friends is that you have a better shot of finding a place by physically walking on foot and seeing the signs in the building windows. With the afternoon off to recover I decided that today I would in earnest start the hunt for my new piso. 

This afternoon, I got off the metro at the stop that I normally take to get to the pool and started looking for little orange signs that say “se alquila”. I found five such signs in the general area that I want to live in. I also used this time to start scouting for general grocery stores and other such amenities in the area. Since there are major strikes on the metro today, meaning only 37% of the normal trains are running, I chose to walk home instead of being crammed into a small sweaty metro car. As a reward for my efforts along the way I found this great consignment shop and bought a beautiful leather coat for less than 20 euros. Quite a steal if you ask me! When I finally arrived home I started the arduous task of calling the different pisos. I have noticed that my spanish has improved over the last few months, but I still tend to rely on seeing the mouth to understand fully and so I was quite concerned about speaking and listening over the phone. Fortunately for me, my five phone calls went very well. I spoke to four individuals and will be seeing one flat next Thursday, the others were only to rent the full piso instead of individual rooms. I have a teammate who also lives in this area and so I am going to enlist his help to continue my search. But who knows maybe the flat I see on Thursday will be my new home! 


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