Welcome 2013


I am a little late with wishing everyone a prosperous and wonderful new years, but the sentiment has been here all along, even if not physically written. I had a surprisingly wonderful New Year’s Eve. Usually there is so much hype about it being the best night and it never lives up to our mental visions, but this year it exceeded mine. It might be due to the fact that at 7:30 pm I had no plans. I went out with Annetje and her two brothers who are visiting for the week and we went to a friend’s flat. There I met tons of students from across the world and we hung out eating delicious food from everyone’s country and sipping on cava (the bubbly from Dia and the like most definitely are not champagne). I did not bring anything since I missed the memo about bringing food before the grocery stores closed and since I had less than 30 minutes to get ready I would not have had time to make anything “american”. Instead I brought cava and grapes. Both absolutely necessary for the New Year in Spain. 

At a quarter to midnight despite the rain we headed towards Sol where the New Year is counted down and everyone eats the grapes (the grapes are a sign of good luck and prosperity for the New Year). The police were adamant that no bottles be brought into the plaza and so there were check points everywhere, which caused us to get separated in our process of getting to the center and I stayed behind Annetje and her brothers with three german friends. The crowd was so dense and everyone was pushing to get into the center, at times it felt like riding a wave on an ocean, so we chose to head to a spot more open. Honestly it was the best way to celebrate as we all ate our grapes with the bells and could drink our cava without fearing or worrying about who was crushing us from behind. Afterwards we headed back to the flat before going to a club near my home. I made many new friends, which is a great way to begin a New Year. Here’s to 2013 and all of our new beginnings and adventures!!


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