Real Canoe Dinner with the President!


Monday night I was invited to a team dinner to recap the past season and celebrate the swimmers who have decided to move on and the accomplishments of the club. I left a little bit early  because I generally get lost, but for once in my life I actually made it to where I wanted to go without needing to ask for directions. That meant I was very early and so I got to take a long walk around the neighborhood before dinner. We ate dinner at a cute little Italian place called Rosomporro. I thought that we were just having a low key dinner with the coaches and teammates. When in reality it was a dinner that also included the high ups of the club such as the club’s President. (Thank goodness I followed a teammate Marcos’ advice and looked classy) I had the good fortune of sitting next to the President along with many of key players in the club. The President is a gregarious man who loves to speak with the athletes about themselves and their interests and I learned a lot about the lineage of the Kings and Queens of Early Modern Spain from him and the others at my table.  The company was good, the food was delicious, in all it was a good night. I even had to give a speech, in Spanish, about who I am and my thoughts after having been with the team for a month. I believe I was understood but with these things you never fully know and just hope that the intention gets across. This weekend I have my first meet with the team which I am looking forward to!!


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