Papa Noel arrived!


In Spanish Papa Noel is the one and only, Santa Claus, and he definitely came to town last Tuesday. My team has left for a big meet, Spanish Nationals, this weekend. (I cannot compete yet, but that is a completely different topic). This means that everyone who was new needed to get the team gear, which as every swimmer knows, means early Christmas. I was sent home with the huge bag filled with a parka, team sweats, collared shirt, tee shirt and shorts. According to Taja, my coach, I still need a bag and swim caps; I am quite excited by all that I have already received.   The team gear is light blue with one bright yellow stripe down the sides, little by little I am covering all of the colors of the rainbow. The only colors I have yet to represent are green and purple…(team barney?) Anyways I was telling Taja how getting all of these clothes felt like Christmas and he laughed and told me that Papa Noel had arrived, a statement that could not be more true.

I gave a fashion show to my roommates, I will upload some photos of my new gear soon! 


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