Broken Refrigerator means Dinner on the Town


Last Thursday I woke up at the obscene hour of 5:25 to go to morning practice and noticed that my coffee was extremely warm. What I was noticing was that my milk was not cold; however, my mind was too full of sleep to realize this. It turns out that our refrigerator had given its last breaths over the night and was fully kaput by morning. We technically have two fridges for 8 people, meaning four and four. So the four of us in the broken fridge moved in with those whose worked. We emailed our landlord and are in the process of getting a new one, however, I will believe it when I see it. It took over a week to assess that it truly was broken so I would assume that for the rest of my time here I will be using the one that we have left. 

Anyways, since you cannot keep that much food in the fridge, (not that I kept that much before but now its even less than that), I decided that I wanted to go out for dinner, a real dinner, in a sit down restaurant. The only person I could convince of my plan was Stefan, so Saturday night we headed out to find a fun restaurant to try. We didn’t really find anything right off the bat so Stefan suggested a restaurant that he went to with his family, Ginger. RIght off of plaza Santa Ana it is in the heart of Madrid; yet, it is not a touristy trap, in fact we just missed the crowd of Spaniards for when we left the cue went around the block. The food was delicious, we shared mussels and a bottle of wine and I tried the black olive risotto. It was not necessarily Spanish food per se but it was a great little restaurant where I would happily take someone.  


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