iLa Huelga!


I am not sure what kind of US coverage there has been of the strike from last Wednesday, because I associate our media coverage with things from the Today Show telling us how to match our fall colors. But there was a huge general strike on Wednesday, where all madrilenos came together to fight for their rights that are being infringed. From my understanding all of Spain observed the strike as did other countries like Greece and Italy.  I did not actually go to the strike at Atocha because we had practice; however, I got a feel for it when one of the education groups marched down our street which we were able to watch from the Stefan’s balcony.

La Huegla

This group contained people of all ages from little children to elderly adults and was clearly non-violent. After marching down the street they joined hands around the building in front of our house. An enigmatic story of this group is when there were not quite enough people to fit around the building, a man walked up and filled the gap between the two young teenagers who were trying to stretch themselves to grasp hands. He was not part of the strike, but rather just on his way somewhere and decided to fill the void. Everyone is obviously affected by education rights, but at the same time there is this sense of communal spirit, that everyone has united under one cause.

Fully encircling the building! Getting assembled around the building...

We have one bank that is right on our corner that was defiled because it is none other than Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank Cupables

My personal sentiment is that people are not necessarily blaming Germany but that there is general unrest that needs to be addressed. In many ways I wish I could speak from first hand experience about the actual strike, but unfortunately I was not there. This small glimpse that I got was definitely scaled back from the actual strike, but at the same time highlights the communal bonding that is running through Spain right now.


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