The Fiesta continues on the Metro


To get to six am practice I take the first metro train out of Sol, which is the neighborhood where all the fun, wild parties. (according to some my  hood) I could  take two buses but am not guaranteed to make it on time and so I figure get a little more sleep and stay in after the end of practice. I never knew I would get so many good stories out of this!! Since I am on the first train of the morning Thursday and Friday morning are interesting to say the least. Here are the highlights from my mornings!

  • Fun fact, the first train does not mean the first train to pull into the station. There are two “tester trains” that run before the metro actually turns on. I love watching the drunk people struggle to get up for the train and then get so angry when the trains pull away from them.
  • A guy fell into the rock pit where the trains pull in only to be pulled out by his friends right before the “tester train” blew by.
  • Another guy/gal used the metro as a public restroom, I only found the remains of his/her dump.
  • “Nico”, the Transylvanian gardner who lectured me on what I was doing with my last 50 days on earth if I was not partying because and I quote “the Mayan calendar does not lie and we are all going to die” then he asked me out on date. Sorry Nico we’re not going on that date.
  • Fun fact #2: the metro is the easiest and cheapest way to get to the airport. However if you take line 2 and 9 (you have to take those and one more) there is a period where there are no elevators nor escalators to help you with your baggage. There is nothing funnier than watching people get the courage to carry their excessive luggage up these ten stairs. The only reason why I find it funny is because the amount of money that they are “saving” by taking the metro they will pay twofold to check their bag. Maybe why they are taking the metro in the first place, but I prefer hand luggage and when it’s big you might as well save your back and take a cab.
  • Many a dance party has occurred on the tracks while everyone drinks the remnants of their last drinks. I will admit that when I wake up my first thoughts are  not “let’s rage”; however I can appreciate that some want to carry on the party and let them have at it.

The morning metro is not like the “drunk train” on How I Met Your Mother, but I would say that it is full of never ending excitement. I have even started to make some friends as I am now deemed a regular. Horray!





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