Seminar: La Corte Nobiliaria


I have spent the last two days at a seminar called “La Corte Europa: La Cultura Nobiliaria en la Edad Moderna”. Fortunately it was at my university and so I did not have to travel far to get to hear the presentations from many esteemed professors from throughout Europe. I will admit that the days were very long (9-8 approx) and at times it was very hard for me to understand different professors accents, especially when they spoke in Portuguese. Nonetheless, I came away with a very solid understanding of the role of the Court, as a political organization, and throughly enjoyed the different topics that were addressed. For me, this is why universities are such wonderful institutions because they bring together many different bright minds to diffuse information. I have been to many such lectures at Harvard and realize that with my art history background my affinity to images. Personally, I think there is something special about being able to reach an audience on multiple intellectual registers, which I will attempt to do later this semester when I am preparing my master’s presentations for my class.

Here is the link to the seminar’s webpage:


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