First Visitors!!


I was quite lucky to have my first visitors this past week, my second cousin Kat and her husband Rog. They were doing a grand tour of Spain and were willing to spend their few free hours in Madrid with me!  We met on Tuesday at the Prado and then went to lunch in Plaza Santa Ana, where we got to sit outside and enjoy the day and good food. It was their second meal in this plaza, since they visited there the night before. Fortunately it is a nice place to spend an afternoon so it wasn’t too bad that they had already been there.


After lunch Rog and Kat came back to my flat to see my itty bitty room. They also gave me a special package – PEET’S COFFEE!!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because when Kat asked if I wanted anything and I said Peet’s coffee I thought I would get one bag, but she went above and beyond and got me four bags. I have delicious delicious coffee for the next couple of months. I was also given these great halloween socks that I have been sporting with pride. Supposedly they do not celebrate Halloween like we do in the states so at least now I have something to celebrate the day in style.

I was also fortunate enough to join Kat and Rog with their friends for dinner. We ate at a restaurant close to the Plaza Mayor and close to their hotel. They have a great group of friends with whom they were traveling and I loved getting to know all of them. I can only imagine all the fun adventures that they had on the rest of their travels. Anyways, I must say that visitors are most welcome. I love having people come and getting the opportunity to show off my beautiful city. Also this trip taught me that I need to get better at being a tour guide.



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