Spanish Depression


A couple of weeks ago Lexie asked me about the Depression in Spain and if I could see it’s presence in the city. I answered her an emphatic no; however, I believe I may have been misled and would like to revise my statement. You see I live in the tourist hub of Madrid. There is constantly and ebb and flow of people who are coming to see the sites which add to those who actually live in this area, creating the illusion of a full lively economy.

However my bubble was smashed this morning at breakfast. What I learned this morning is that, yes the depression has hit Madrid it is just not as evident on store fronts or vacant streets. Two of my teammates who are in the process of finishing school were both discussing how they feel as if they have no prospects for careers in Madrid. Such a scary thought that you cannot get any type of employment and that really the only thing you can do is swim. Let me tell you swimming does not pay.  Since they are young and have the ability to leave they were talking about the potential opportunities they could have in other countries, even if it just means living in another country for a period of time. Fortunately for them they are swimmers and thus through swimming will be able to assimilate to a new culture with relative ease. I am always amazed at the power of sports to bring people of different cultures together. I mean it’s the way that I have come into this country and have started my assimilation process.


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