Call me maybe?


Earlier I briefly mentioned that I did not have a phone. Originally my plan was to get a contract for two years so that I could have all the bells and whistles and save money; however, as a foreigner you need this NIE on a green piece of paper that functions like your ss number. I have tried desperately to get this accomplished, but it almost impossible since I cannot seem to make an appointment with their foreigner’s office. Last week I went to another office that claimed to give NIEs to foreigners and I got a temporary number. I believed, incorrectly, that with this number I could still get a contract because technically I am a registered person. However, no one wants to give me a contract for a number that will change and thus I am in a pickle. Do I wait to get my real NIE and get a contract phone or go shell out the money for a prepaid phone now?

The earliest appointment time for an NIE will probably be in December, this approximation is based on the fact that one of my roommates has his in November and he got the appointment two weeks ago. For some strange reason I cannot apply online and so either tomorrow or Friday will have to go into the office to try to make my appointment. Since I clearly am going to be waiting for a long time to get this number, I decided to bite the bullet this morning and got a prepaid phone. It’s the same one as I got in 2009 but a slightly sleeker model. Why not use my old phone you ask? My 2009 phone is no longer compatible with current sim cards, crazy how things change in three years. The result of all of these efforts: I am now in the modern phone calling world.


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