Sunday Night Futbol


I have not yet forgotten how to spell. I have traded the ellipsoid ball for that of a sphere and joined in with many Madrileños last night to watch the big game – Real Madrid v. FC Barcelona. Thankfully I live with Melanie, a soccer junkie, so she looked up a bunch of bars that were playing the game since it was not televised on normal tv. (Something that would have never occurred to me to do) It’s not like we have a tv either but it does limit some of our options. She called ahead and tried to reserve a table but no one said they would take reservations, one place told us just to get there at 6:30 – the game started at 7:50. Melanie, Stefan and I were there a little early maybe 6:20 because we did NOT want to stand for the whole time. When we got there every empty table had a sign “reservado por” on it. Clearly there was no space here and they took reservations, just not ours. We decided to walk around since we still had time to find a place and sure enough we found one. 100 Montanitos is a famous bar in the sense that it is everywhere and on Sunday and Wednesday they sell 1 euro Jaras (jugs of beer or tinto de verano) and 1 euro bocadillos. This particular one happened to have a large television and many open tables in front of it. We grabbed the closest one we could find and sat down and ordered food and were met by Gui and Tony, our other roommates.  I will venture to say that it was a very good game with a lot of action.  For me I was completely entertained if not for just the futbol playing but hearing the reactions of all of the fans. Our bar was filled with as many Real Madrid fans as Barca fans and someone always had an opinion about something.  About half way through the game the bar tender attempted to open the next keg, and she succeeded in one sense it opened but was spewing beer all over the room. The tap had not been put on correctly and so they had to get the keg out of the room quickly.  Afterwards we joked that we were watching the game in a river of beer since they went right by our table to take the keg out.  It was definitely one of the more unique experiences I have had in a while. In the final moments of the game Barca had a penalty kick and just as Messi goes to kick the ball the TV turned off. I’m sure you can imagine the outrage that ensued and it took them another four to five minutes to get it running again. Fortunately Messi did not score that one and the game remained a tie. I can’t imagine what would have happened if he had scored. The final outcome was a tie, which is good in soccer because it’s not a loss.  I don’t fully understand that logic because either you win or lose and usually when you tie in swimming there is a swim off so it never really remains a tie. Nonetheless, it was a fun evening of sports with good friends.


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