Cake makes a cake


Ask anyone in my family and I make great desserts. Ask Micah and she’ll tell you I suck at them. It seems that somehow over the last year I lost my knack for making delicious sweet treats. On the plus side my ability to cook savory dishes increased exponentially. In fact this past year I messed up so many simple desserts, like box brownies (still don’t know how) that Micah and I came up with a system. I kept her company while she slaved away and I tasted the dough (the best part) and then cleaned the kitchen. Personally it was great system because the house always smelled good and because Micah made them the treats tasted good. 

Everyday on my walk to the metro station I go past three different bakeries each with doors open inviting in passerby’s by the aroma of sweetness. Every time I am tempted to stop and get something, but then I remind myself that I don’t want that before I swim… Thus something sweet has been on my mind. However, without Micah I was a little nervous to make something all on my own. Not to mention our flat is not really equipped with normal things to make desserts like measuring cups, bowls, ect. I enlisted Stefan for the job and we decided to make our own kind of cake we dubbed “Fotzenkuchen”. He got a cook book (which in Dutch in pronounced cock bok, a fun fact) that we used for inspiration. His cock bok only had a banana cake so we decided to alter it to make it an apple cinnamon cake. Since we didn’t have measuring cups Stefan guesstimated each measurement.


The only one we were certain of was the four eggs. I actually helped with this cake, cutting the apples and mixing all the ingredients together with a whisk like an electric mixer. Stefan had the bright idea to get the apples a little soft before putting them in the cake by sautéing them. We put our whole mix in the oven and kept our fingers crossed. We had some slight difficulties with the oven that was over cooking the top and under cooking the bottom; however, we resolved that with placing foil on top. Here is an image of the final product – Fotzenkuchen:


It was more delicious than we could have even imagined. It was very moist and the apples were the right amount of firmness, all in all it was a success. We have decided to venture forth in the future and try other similar cakes with different fruits. 

Comically something about making desserts makes me want to clean the entire kitchen, maybe it’s just programmed in me, who knows. But after we finished baking we started to clean the kitchen which led to me mopping the floors – cake and a clean kitchen perfect day if you ask me. 


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