Temps Etrangers


Now we get to the point of my visit to Paris! Lexie’s exhibition Temps Etrangers. I got to go with Lexie on the last day of the exhibition. It is in Saint-Ouen, a small town right outside of Paris. The town was so cute and full of antique shops. There were many people who brought their lunches and then sat down at the set up tables that Lexie and I thought were for sale. Very peculiar but I guess that is one way to know whether or not you like the table.

After perusing the different stalls looking at the antiques Lexie and I went to a delicious lunch. I had fried mussels (yes Mom I had to get my fix!!!) and beef tartar. It was my first time but we went to a place that had it on the menu and I thought “when in Rome”. It was delicious, they had a dijon mustard sauce that complimented the beef and absolutely made the dish.

After lunch we went over to the exhibition. It was held in a community center, currently used for artists, if I remember correctly. It used to be a gym for the community and was converted much later. The concept of the show was to display work. Instead of picking an exhibition of already existing works, they engaged the artists in dialog to create works of art unique to the show. There were two pieces that were commisioned, one was a clock that measured the working hours of someone’s life. This was paired with many many other works of art, all of which were impressive in their own right. Personally, I loved the exhibition, it made sense cohernetly to me and  I really liked the range of works that were made for the exhibition. Lexie gave us all a very good tour and we all enjoyed seeing the exhibition through her eyes. I am not sure what my favorite piece was, but I particularly loved the work by Maria Andersson, who documented the production of putting the exhibition together to discuss the topic of the work that goes into an exhibition. She exhibited this work through a video that speed up the process of choosing all of the works and their places in the space. I have included a picture of me and Lexie in front of another work of a canary who sings pleasant songs to talk about the idea of leisure even though each of his feathers was carved out of wood, clearly taking a lot of physical work.


This ends my trip to Paris! It was absolutely fabulous! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to see Lexie and see her version of Paris! Now we’re back in Spain and onto many more adventures. I cannot wait until Lexie comes and visits me.



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