Picnics on the Water!


In many impressionist pieces you see people milling about the rivers, people of all classes, enjoying their Saturday afternoon looking out over the water. The same thing happens today; however, our clothing has drastically changed. It is common to find many people young and old, but primarily young, sitting on the banks of the river enjoying drinks and good company. I got to do experience this tradition with Lexie many a time in Paris. We had drinks the first night on the canal with her roommates after a delicious dinner which was a nice low key way to get to know her roommates. She has three, two italians and an american who was her good friend in high school. I think she picked some great people to live with. 

The nice thing about hanging out in these public places is that you never know who you will meet. Lexie and I ate our last dinner together in front of the Eiffel Tower. We went with the pretense of having a nice quiet picnic. And in many ways that is exactly what it was. However, we did make some friends. Two polish boys who spoke little to no English, nor french nor spanish (ie no common language) decided to be our best friends. It was a very interesting conversation and we had a good time talking to them. Here’s a picture of Lexie with Raphael and Tomas. Image

Meeting friends in the park was just a perk of our night. We went to the Eiffel Tower because after nine at the top of the hour the tower lights up and we thought it would be a good conclusion to my trip. It also gave me a chance to learn more about how to work my camera since I tried every setting until I got one that I liked. I am going to include two of my favorites of those photos one turned out well and the other was a miraculous oops. 




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