Musèe Pompidou


This was the first stop that Lexie suggested that I take Friday afternoon. Although I do enjoy seeing good modern art, it’s not what gets me excited (put me in a 15th century church and I am in heaven). I thought I would go just to see the building and then decide whether or not I wanted to pay to go in. I was taken aback by the architectural beauty of the building. It is industrial causeways and tubes protrude out of the building carrying museum goers up to the various exhibition floors. Set back with a concrete plaza in front of the building it announces it’s modernity by over taking the plaza. There are these large pipes that come out of the edges of the plaza marking the end of this space. I particularly like the juxtaposition of these fixtures with the older more brown stones behind them. Image

ImageAfter seeing such a magnificent facade I had to go into the museum. Although there were plenty of people outside there were not actually all that many inside. Of course I saw many beautiful works of art here and felt that the museum made sense as I weaved through the galleries.

My favorite part was seeing the actualization of a great part of their mission. Everywhere the museum states that they want the galleries to be accessible to people of all ages, which includes children. Of course it’s not that children cannot understand modern art, but I feel that most institutions stray away from this age group and tend to appeal to the more “high brow” audience. Here there was a lower school tour of children whom I would guess are in the second grade. Image

They moved around in groups of four to discuss different paintings in the galleries. I found one group in almost every gallery that I went to and I think it’s a testament to the quality of the exhibition that it is truly accessible to people of all ages.


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