Kate in Paris!


This is the first of many posts about my trip to Paris. I went specifically to see Lexie’s exposition which was part of her master’s program this past year, but of course I saw and did many other remarkable things.

Let’s start at the beginning! Last Friday I woke up especially early (4:35) to catch the night bus to the airport. It was a rather straightforward morning as I flew through security grabbed a coffee and then waited in line for my flight. EasyJet and RyanAir are the cheap interEU airlines that board in a similar fashion to Southwest. There is a cue number on each ticket, technically telling you when you can board; however, no one follows these numbers. Instead it’s a first come first serve deal. I fortunately got a great seat and fell asleep before we took off. I awoke to a frenchman thanking us for chosing EasyJet (at least that’s what I got out of his speech). Lexie had given me explicit directions on how to get to her apartment from Charles DeGaulle. Honestly, I didn’t think that it would be something too difficult to do. What I was not expecting was that I had to pay for my train ticket in coins. This would be no issue if it was under five euros because with the 1 and 2 euro coins, generally, you have at least five euros. But no! It was 9.25. Comically I did have that amount; however, it was compromised of five and ten cents pieces. I got to about 7.70 when the machine spit back all of my money telling me that it only accepts 20 coins. Now I was in a quandary, I bought a croissant at the bakery so that I would have enough coins but the way it broke down I only got one euro coin and paper change which meant I was still not going to make my number. I finally found a change machine and then was finally able to get my ticket and get into Paris!

Once in Paris I walked a couple of blocks to arrive at Lexie’s apartment. It is a huge flat with three bedrooms, a large living room and kitchen. I dropped all of my things off at their house grabbed my purse and camera and was out the door. Lexie and I stopped for a quick lunch where we briefly caught up before she had to go to work.

Since I already saw many of the main tourist attractions on my first trip to Paris with Zac and Anne, I filled in the holes from my previous trip of places I had not seen and some of Lexie’s favorites.  I went to the Musee Pompidou, Hotel de Ville,  many churches, Parc des Vosges, Moulin Rouge and then headed home to catch dinner with Lexie and her roommates. All in all it was a great re-introduction to Paris. 


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