Introduction to UAM


So I haven’t posted in a while and it seems like so much has happened since the last time that I did. First of all I had my first meetings, reuniones obligatarias, for my classes. I also went to Paris for the weekend. Instead of cramming all into one extremely large post I am going to post a ton of short segments to keep you up-to-date on all my fun happenings. 

Last Tuesday I went to school to meet with Elena Postigo, a professor and the master’s coordinator. We have spoken a lot through email and I wanted to meet her in person to say thank you for all of her help. While I was there she goes, “so I’ll be seeing you tomorrow right?”. I stared blankly. She then started to explain “you know tomorrow we have the obligatory meetings to go over all of the information for the masters… We have meetings Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday”. And my heart sunk. Friday I was going to Paris to see Lexie and to see her show. Obviously I missed the memo that there would be such meetings and that I would need to go to three. Afterwards she printed me a sheet and I asked her if I had to be at Friday’s meeting because I wasn’t going to write a thesis this year and she told me no that it would be fine if I missed that meeting. VICTORY! I could still go to Paris!!

Meetings are tedious. There is no way around that fact. I was proud that I understood all that was going on around me and could easily follow the head professor as he gave his thoughts on what this master’s would entail. The program is an interdisciplinary masters that looks at all factors, economic to social, to fully understand Spain –  why she acted the way that she did and made particular choices. This is exactly what I was looking for in this masters which makes me really excited for all of my courses.

 After the introduction we spent a long time discussing the practicum and what it entails.  (I am on the other tract, investigador, so this is of no importance to me) and each professor tried to entice students to take his course. Afterwards a student from last year came to talk to us about the program and what she liked. I also got to meet some of my classmates during this time. I sat in between two students who are roughly in their 50s. Each has their own reasons for doing this masters and for me it’s a reminder that not everything has to be done at warp speed when we are young. (Don’t worry parents I am still planning on getting to my phd). Then we went over applying for other courses that were ambiguous on the course guide and then we introduced ourselves to the classroom.  I think it’s a really good group of students. There are not very many of us which is to my advantage. It means we have more flexibility in getting into the classes we want and we can more intimately know know our professors. That was the total of the first day of classes. 

The second meeting on Thursday was completely different. Instead it was solely for the benefit of students who have not already attended UAM. There are three of us. Two students from last year took us around on a tour of campus showing us where different services were in our faculty and then what other services our university offered (like a gym membership – I almost laughed aloud when I walked into the weight room that was covered with mirrors and all men standing around admiring their cut bodies). It was nice to get to know two of my classmates well before we started classes and also a good reminder that others are new to this system, albeit they both are from Spain. It was also nice to hear more about the program and what to expect this year to come. We all got drinks after our tour and then I headed home on the train. It takes an average of 30 min which is a nice time to read. 

This was my introduction to courses. It was very comprehensive and I am ready for Oct 8th when they officially start. Until then I continue to get all of my little tasks accomplished. 


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