My Roommates!


We had a group dinner actually the second night that I was here and just now were given the pictures from said event so I thought I would use this as a platform to tell you who everyone in my flat is.


Closest to the camera is Balazs from Hungary. Fun fact: he likes to cook and eat lots and lots of vegetable – the healthiest one of all of us.

Then there is Melanie from Germany. Fun fact: she loves futbol and can spout off facts about all of the teams in the European League.

To the Right behind Melanie is Stefan from Holland (the dark side according to Ana). Fun fact: Stefan is also keeping a blog that gets close to 230 read per article. Clearly he lives a more interesting life than I do…

Next to Stefan is Gui from Belgium. Fun fact: He speaks French not Dutch which gives a colorful flavor to his english, needless it has led to many laughs.

Kate and Ana are in the back row. Ana is from Holland and her fun fact is that she is in a sorority on campus.

Kate is from the US and her fun fact is that she did not do the “American girl pose”. It is here done by Melanie. Supposedly every American girl tilts her head to the side and throws a hip out that all Europeans call the “American pose”. As we all know I have been head tilting my whole life but somehow I managed to be upright in this photo. Maybe I should take more photos jetlagged.

This is a brief introduction to my roommates, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so hopefully for now this will do. This will also give you a good idea of whom I am talking about in any given instance.


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  1. Hey Kate it’s Chapman! Your roommates sound very fun and interesting, I’m sure that y’all get along great. I love reading about the food in Spain, it sounds amazing. I’m glad that you’re getting your coffee fix 🙂 Have a good rest of your week!

  2. I have to update since I have two more roommates:
    Diniz is from Brazil and his fun fact is that almost every weekend he has traveled to a different part of Spain.
    Tony is from Paris; fun fact he is moving to NYC in January to study finance.

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