Yesterday I went to the mall. I am not normally a mall shopper but I thought it would be good to get out of the house, make new friends and at least learn where the mall is. It is quite a trek to get to the mall from where I live on the metro. Around my house it is not necessarily loud, but there is always someone doing something. I do not believe I have ever seen the streets vacant. Imagine my shock, as we rode the escalator up at our final destination I quickly realized that we were definitely in a different part of town. In fact you can see the mountains in the background and there seems to be empty space. Not a sole moved except for those of us coming off the metro going to the mall. Even the mall was considerably quiet for a Saturday afternoon. 

I should mention that I went with my roommate Ana and her friend from Esker both of whom are from Holland. They desperately wanted to go to Primark, which the US equivalent is Forever 21. The clothes are in fashion, cheaply made and sold cheaply. Of course you get exactly what a young girl wants: clothes that can be worn a few times to a couple parties and she never has to worry if they get ruined because they were not expensive. I found two very cute pieces here, a black jersey blazer. Ana got the same one in olive green. It was a good deal because it fits very nicely and will be a good outerwear piece when the weather gets a little colder and now I have another option to my navy blue one. I also got a silk long sleeved shirt that is red with lots of bright colored flowers on it. I really like this one because I have been looking for such a shirt for a while and finally found one that I like. It also has a fun twist, the back is completely open. I had fun at this store just seeing what was in fashion and getting excited about how easily I could make so many of the looks with things in my closet. 

It is too far to travel just to go to Primark and so we made a pit stop in IKEA! I have actually never been in an IKEA before, which is strange because so much of my college furniture was definitely from some IKEA. Clearly I bought everything secondhand, evidence that this is quality furniture. Going through the rows and rows of things that I absolutely needed – like a new faucet head –  I learned what I am really missing! A large house to drop all of the bright colored displays into. Haha just kidding! I do not want a house anytime soon, but I did enjoy running through the store watching people make serious decisions like white or black tile. 

Now I know where the mall is and if you come and visit and decide a trip to IKEA is a must I promise to make that dream come true!!


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