Coffee for an Adict


As many of your know I am addicted to coffee. It’s not a bad addiction to have, it doesn’t cost a lot and according to many many studies it’s good for the body. Of course I reject all the ones that are against its consumption. 

I am used to having a nice large cup of coffee in the morning made by simply pressing a button, thank you keurig, so you can imagine my distress when I couldn’t figure out how to get my caffeine fix. I went the first morning to a cafe to solve this problem, but I knew that my budget couldn’t keep this habit up, especially cause as an American I want everything Supersized and their coffees come in very small sizes! 

I am the only the one in the house who drinks coffee, a fact that still confuses me, but that meant that no one knew how to work the so called coffee pot, it looks like a large silver industrial tea pot. I went looking around for a cooking store or home goods shop near our house because I wanted to get a water filter and maybe find something “more modern” to make coffee. What I found instead was how to use the coffee pot that we have. In fact its very simple, you add water to the bottom, put the coffee in the middle, screw the top on tightly and put it on the stove. Ten minutes later wallah! Coffee. I also learned that these pots are only 7 euros at our local grocery store and since the one at the house’s bottom had a little mold I decided to buy a new one as an investment. It is an Italian invention so I cannot thank Spain for fixing my coffee drought! 

But it is safe to say that Spain will not encumber my coffee addiction. Minor Crisis Averted! 


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