A Day of Firsts


It’s Hump day in case you were wondering. I always like that term and think it is more than fitting to describe my day. Today I got over a few hurdles and can say I climbed over the HUMP!

This morning I woke up early giving me more than enough time to register for classes. It really is not that difficult of a process, but Garland and Jenn can tell you how much it vexed me the first time that I tried to do it. (Biggest obstacle is that I was too early…) Online you must fill out a bunch of paperwork like where you are from, what your parents do, ect. Side note – whenever they autofill my information they think that I am samoan, is this a sign from the universe? I registered for my three courses in the fall and then what I presume are four in the spring. I am rather confused if one course is year round or one semester and nothing thus far has clarified that. If all goes according to my plan, I only have class on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. This leaves plenty of time to do school work, hang out with friends, and swim. 

Speaking of swimming, I started today. After a two month break I will admit it was much harder than I expected. I knew that I was out of shape yet I was hoping that it would be easier. I guess that old saying’s right it if was easy everyone would do it. Everything is just as I remember. There are not too many people who are still here from the last time that I was here, but that’s also good because it gives me a chance to make new friends. We swam for about an hour and a half and then ran for half an hour. I was quite tired and to keep myself going I kept repeating the mantra “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It will get better and soon I will be in shape at least I kept up with the latest fashions! Micah gave me her child’s speedo endurance suit (for an 8yr old) which somehow I fit into. There is a good amount of butt hanging out but I still was on the conservative side of my female companions. 

I have been looking forward to doing these things for a long time and now finally they have come and gone well. The best part was I got to go out and celebrate a little bit with some of my roommates. We went to a Cerveceria around the corner from our house that has a special of 1 euro sandwiches and cervezas. A four euro dinner and I am completely full! Most were going from dinner to some foam party but quite frankly all I could think of was “skin disease” (thank you Mom) and I am far too tired to do anything else today! 



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