Princeton Revelries!


It feels like so much has happened since my flight to Princeton. Andrew and I had the most amazing weekend that was the perfect send off for my trip to Spain. We ate good meals in Princeton and Andrew showed me his favorite spots on campus. Here is a break down of some of the highlights:

  • Soccer Game – Watching Princeton Soccer play against Georgetown, although it was a loss it was a well fought game to the bitter end and I also got to meet many of his teammates families which was a lot of fun for me. It’s rather nice to sit in the stands and watch other people deal with the pressure of being a college athlete.
  • Thomas Sweet Creamery – This place has forever been imprinted in my mind. I can not only remember how great this place was from my recruiting trip to Princeton five years ago but also what I ordered. Chocolate ice cream with york patty mints mixed in. It is still as good as it was back then if not better.
  • Trip into NYC –  On Saturday Andrew and I went into the City and our tastebuds had a feast. We started off our adventure with a meal from Katz’s. The pickles and rueben were absolutely to die for. We tried the egg shake to see if it was any good and decided it isn’t quite our favorite but it was worth it at a place that specialized in them. Then we met up with our cousins Laura and Alex where we stopped by Rice to Riches, a specialty rice pudding store aka Andrew’s Heaven. I loved looking at all the funny posters such as “people actually kill for this” while waiting to order. We later learned that Rice to Riches used to be a front for a gambling operation that got busted and only then did they realize that it was a profitable shop. Funny how things work like that! We finished the day with Sichuan Chinese food. Alex and Laura guided us through this meal that was absolutely to die for. It has the perfect mix of spicy while still rendering all of the meats and fish tender and juicy. I don’t think that I would ever have tried it without their encouragement and I would happily get it again!!
  • Apartment Concert – Another highlight of the New York trip was the concert put on my Laura and Alex’s friend Jeffrey. Jeffery sang these amazing songs that he wrote. Afterwards he showed us these drawings that one of his friends did about gratitude and what people were grateful for. Andrew and I got this image of an older woman doing weights that something along the lines: ” grateful for when I’m feeling inadequate and then someone amazing reminds me that we are all capable”
  • Sunday Brunch – One of my favorite things to do in college was Sunday Brunch. Everyone got together and the food was always delicious! On my last day Andrew’s team had a game away from Princeton so I was left to my own devices. Although it was just me and Christine it was nice to get together and have brunch just like old times. We tried a new restaurant and had some delicious omelets and fresh fruit.

That in a nutshell was my weekend in Princeton. It was intermixed with a lot of exploring the campus and city, but overall I would say that it was a blast and I am so glad that I was able to spend time with everyone before I left for Madrid!


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