Wheels on the bus go?


Today I traveled to the land of the tigers! My adventures started bright and early – 4:15 California time!! I flew through security and was happily seated at my gate when I ran into two family friends. It’s times like these that remind me how small the world is. 

With a roller carry-on, my big swim side bag, and Jamal (my black foam roller) I look like the crazy bag lady who took everything but the kitchen sink. I schlep all of my things along knowing that people are looking at me because they have no idea what that black tubular thing is (foam roller). In fact I wish I had a sign that said “please ask me about this object” because everyone wants to but most are too chicken to do so. The fact is my foam roller helps me massage out my legs and back after practices so that I can recover faster. The problem is that it is too long to fit in any standard checked bag and so in my arms it goes. 

The first flight went by quickly seeing as I fell asleep before we took off. I had a brief layover but just enough time to grab a bite to eat before catching my connecting flight to Newark. There is one disadvantage to flying: you cannot pick who sits around you. I had a couple with two young children in the row behind me. Now I know that traveling with young children is difficult and I applaud all families that do so, especially my own parents and all those passengers who put up with me since God knows I have a lot of energy. Truth is that it was not the usual things like incessant crying or kicking my seat that annoyed me. For the most part the parents were doing a great job teaching their children lessons about getting along with others.  Rather it was his use of the ipad of in his terms “ipoad”. There was a specific game on this “ipoad” where he hit buttons and the game sang the song “The wheels on the bus go round and round…” over and over and over again. How would I know that it sang this song? Ah yes! It’s volume level was on full tilt. Please for the love of Pete give the child some headphones and take us all out of our misery. 

I will say that I happily deboarded that plane schlepping all of my things and got into a town car that whisked me away to Princeton. 




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