Twas the night before…MOVING!



Tonight is the night before my big adventure begins – my move to Spain. I am saying Bon Voyage to Sacramento and trading the warm sunny weather for the hot humidity of Princeton, NJ. I am sure you are thinking that is not Spain and you’re right! It’s not.  I am going to visit my brother, Andrew, on my way to moving to Spain. I am rather excited to see college through his eyes. He was so supportive of me and my swimming throughout my years at Harvard that I can’t wait to repay the favor and visit him. Also  it does me a favor – it shortens my flight to Spain on Sunday. I am not sure what this weekend will hold, but am excited because when the Mills kids get together good times always ensue.

I am hoping to use this blog to keep my friends and family up to date on my adventures while in Spain. For those who do not know I am going to the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid to study the History of Early Modern Spain (the monarchy from about XIV-XVIII).  I loved studying this period’s history and its art in college and am looking forward to learning about it from a spanish perspective these next two years.

So that’s all for now!



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